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DOAS 2 Code Of Conduct & Values

Code of Conduct: At Dreaming on a Star, we are committed to bringing kindness back to humanity through thoughtful marketing solutions that inspire change. We believe in the power of smiles and strive to help people live happier lives, one smile at a time.

To achieve our vision, we adhere to the following values:

1. Be Real: We believe that authenticity is key to our success. We commit to being our true selves and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels safe and excited to be themselves.

2. Co-Creation: We know that great achievements are almost always the result of collaboration. We bring our best, let go of egos, and work with empathy and trust to do great things together.

3. Do Great Things, Fast: We are committed to excellence and efficiency. We strive to do great work quickly without sacrificing quality.

4. Mindfulness: We prioritize being present and reflective. We take time to learn and improve, and continually evolve our culture.

5. Give & Take Responsibility: We take ownership of our commitments and empower others to do the same. We prioritize integrity and accountability.

6. Mission: We are purpose-driven and dedicated to serving something beyond ourselves. We ground ourselves in our mission to bring kindness back to humanity.

7. Dreamitude: We embrace big dreams and encourage each other to dream bigger. We believe that anything is possible with the right mindset.

8. Heartitude: We value play and fun, and create meaningful experiences for their own sake. We prioritize what makes us human and celebrate our uniqueness.

9. Kinditude: We believe that kindness is free and powerful. We prioritize kindness in all our interactions and strive to spread it everywhere.

By adhering to these values, we can create a positive and supportive community where everyone can thrive. We expect all members of our community to uphold these principles and to treat others with kindness, respect, and empathy. Any behavior that violates these values will not be tolerated.

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